SLA Terms & Conditions 

Agreement Definitions 

  • ‘Supported Product’ means the product(s) listed on the Heptagon Group Support Contract Certificate as installed at the specified location. Other copies of the products installed at the same or other locations are not included. Only latest and the ·version prior will be supported. Older product versions will be support on a best endeavours basis. 
  • ‘Customer’ means the end user/company specified on the Heptagon Group Support Contract Certificate. 
  • ‘Reseller’ means the supplier providing the support product to the Customer. 
  • ‘Heptagon Group’ means the provider of the technical support service as shown on the Heptagon Group Support Contract Certificate. 

Service Definition 

  • Provide technical support to customers via telephone and/or email. The hours of service are defined on the Heptagon Group Support Contract Certificate. The 8x5 contract hours are 9am to 5pm for working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). The 24x7 contract hours are 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays. The Standard Support to resellers operates from 9am to 5pm for working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). 

Service Exclusion 

  • Instances that fall outside of the terms of this support agreement are identified below: 
  • On-site support, consultancy and/or training. 
  • The provision of product(s) upgrades. 
  • Fixing product(s) coding/programming faults. 
  • Initial installation/configuration or major upgrades of the support product(s). 
  • Hardware/Software not detailed in the Heptagon Group Support Contract Certificate. 
  • Support for operating systems. 
  • Call Procedure 

Heptagon Group will use the following procedure when dealing with issues: 

  • The notification of the problem must be made either by telephone or email. 
  • The call will be logged and assigned a call reference number. 
  • Subsequent calls and correspondence relating to that problem should quote the call reference number. 

Call Escalation 

  • Heptagon Group will make every endeavour to resolve issues at the first notification of the problem. However, the Support Technician may need to liaise with other members of team to obtain the resolution. The escalation procedure ensures that our Support Technician will escalate all unresolved calls to their Team Leader on a timely basis. If no resolution can be identified, the call is further escalated to the Technical Manager. 
  • In the unlikely event of no solution being identified by our own Support Team are unable to find the solution through further analysis, the call will then be escalated externally to the product vendor. 

Call Closure 

Heptagon Group will not close any calls without the consent and agreement of the Customer. However, there are some circumstances where Heptagon Group reserve the right to close calls for the following reasons: 

  • The fault complained of is due to a bug identified within the product(s) and no fix is available. 
  • A bug fix or an upgrade is identified and the Customer is advised as to how they may obtain the fix or upgrade. 
  • Heptagon Group identify that the problem is due to conflicts within the existing hardware and/or software. 
  • No response is received from the Customer following our last communication and 10 working days have elapsed from our reminder. 

Customer Satisfaction 

  • A simple feedback request will be sent to the Customer by email at random. The Technical Manager is available to discuss problems concerning the service provided and will monitor all returned questionnaires. If required, the Customer can choose to opt out of this process. 

Service Reporting 

  • If required, a summary report of all calls placed, closed and outstanding can be sent to the customer by email. 
  • Performance Indicators & Guarantee 
  • After Heptagon Group has provided our first considered response, Heptagon Group will continually update you as shown in Appendix 2. 
  • Furthermore, the following performance standards will be used whereby 98% of all calls will be responded to within the timeframe for each service contract. 

Service Cancellation 

  • Heptagon Group reserve the right to suspend this contact if payment is not received within the timeframe indicated on the invoice. Until payment is received in full, no entitlement to rebate or service extension is available. 


  • In the unlikely event of the need for complaint, the Technical Manager is to be contacted either by telephone or by email for the speedy resolution of that complaint. 

On-Site Assistance/Consultancy 

  • This Service Contract is to provide telephone and/or email support only. On-site support and consultancy is available and may be obtained by booking a Technical Consultant according to the Reseller’s current tariff. 

Liability Exclusions 

  • Heptagon Group shall note be liable to the Customer or to anyone else for any loss or damage of data, equipment or property, loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whatsoever or howsoever caused (and whether or not caused by negligence), arising directly or indirectly in connection with this contract. 

Product Disclaimer 

  • This service does not include the development and/or sales of software, hardware, upgrades and/or fixes and no responsibility is accepted for the performance of the software or compliance with claims as to the suitability, performance or features. As such issues are outside the scope of the Support Contract. 
  • Appendix – Response Times and Progress Updates 
  • Service Contract Response Time within: Progress updates to customer within: 

24x7 “Product” Support: 

  • Response Time: 1 hour from first notification of the problem, Progress Update: 2 hours from receipt of all relevant information , 8x5 “Product” Support 

  • Response Time: 2 hours from first notification of the problem, Progress Update: 24 hours from receipt of all relevant information 

Standard Support to Partners: 

  • Response Time: 2 hours from first notification of the problem, Progress Update: 24 hours from receipt of all relevant information